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Partner Parish Cemeteries

Rules & Regulations

  • Planting of annual flowers in approved planting area only (i.e., up to 12 inches in front of memorial and no wider than the memorial).
  • Other than the 12 inches in front of memorials and the width of memorials, all cemetery maintenance is the responsibility of the cemetery or contractors hired by the cemetery. (i.e., plot owners are not permitted to cut any grass on the cemetery property. The cemetery is not insured for these activities).
  • Artificial flowers are permitted in the approved planting area only (i.e., up to 12 inches in front of memorial and no wider than the memorial). 
  • Christmas decorations and wreaths may be placed at the head of graves from November 1 through February.  Floral blankets are not permitted. All artificial flowers and Christmas decorations will be removed beginning March 1.
  • Cut or artificial flowers are permitted in approved vases that are permanently attached to markers.
  • Flags and flag holders are permitted in the approved planting area. (i.e., up to 12 inches in front of memorial and no wider than the memorial). 
  • Decorative stones, marble chips, glass, plastic, or paper objects, toys, etc., are prohibited as they present a safety hazard. Equipment can toss these items (or broken pieces thereof) and the men operating the grass-cutting equipment, as well as visitors, could be injured. These can also damage headstones or scratch bronze markers. Please note: Temporary plastic objects hurt the ecology, as well as add cost to the cemetery for the disposal of these items.
  • Fencing, borders or edging (including wood, iron, concrete, bricks, rope, or wire) are prohibited as they create a maintenance hazard. These items make it difficult for grass-cutting equipment to pass freely between the headstones and over the graves. Furthermore, when these items are covered by snow and are not visible, they can be damaged by the equipment, or they can cause damage to the equipment’s tires, and flush markers can be scratched.
  • Permanent shrubs, trees, bushes, and perennial and potted plants are prohibited on gravesites, since they become overgrown and can extend over adjacent graves.  They also create maintenance obstacles for the movement of equipment through the cemetery.
  • Objects that are unsightly or detract from the spiritual setting of a Catholic cemetery are prohibited.
  • Planting or decorating is not permitted during general cemetery cleanup. (A notice will be published in the parish bulletin).
  • Foundations are not to be installed by family members. 
  • Pets, trail vehicles, and loitering are prohibited in the cemetery.
  • Littering and dumping are prohibited in the cemetery.
  • The cemetery assumes no responsibility for anything placed at the grave or crypt site.
  • For specific information, please call the cemetery office at 724-547-1911.

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